Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring break madness! and a massive brain dump...

Skip to food journal to avoid rambling...

Okay first off this whole "week long" absence thing has to stop! I really want to post! honestly I do... Its just I get sidetracked - I mean honestly with all the wonderful blogs out there its no wonder. No longer! I'm making a commitment to post once a day for 1 week even if its just "Hi, I'm alive!"

So this is the first week of spring break almost over. WAaAa. It started with a bang - 2 back to back parties. And I was proud of myself cause i didn't stuff my face. I've eaten good since and including the last times I've posted. I'm feeling great. It was a bit of an adjustment in my eating habits (will explain further down) but ultimately more then worth it. I refuse to be under the control of my negative self talk; food does not control me - I control it.

Okay so that summarises Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (2 parties = 3 days)

Monday I did nothing. NOOOTHING!! and it was wonderful... heavenly.... I haven't had a day solely to myself were I bummed around the house in forever! I'm glad I don't have them often though because by the end of the day I was ready to get down and dirty with some hard work.

Which summarises Tuesday; my mom threw out her back so she asked me to take her place at work - she cleans houses for a living. So that's what I did! vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, you name it. Then I got home and... I went for a 1.5 mile jog . Brilliant! I will run a marathon! I may not be the 'greatest' runner of all time but hey you have to start somewhere.

Wednesday was spent doing homework predominantly. That's the one thing I do miss about school - morning/after school schedule was down pat, and now I have to rely on my *cough* excellent ability to not procrastinate *cue sarcasm* But I did manage to drag my butt up and do a half mile jog, then I decided that while I was in the mood for dragin' buts up from the couch, I took my dog out for a jog/walk  (she's a baby shelti so she can't last to long on the jogging part... yet >:D ) then did week 2 day 2 of the 200 squat challenge. Again it was lovely!

And then today! Morning was veeery lazy. I woke up at 9am (extremely late for the queen of waking up at 5am) at breakfast - which btw takes me about an hour 'cause I savour my food- and lounged about for the rest of the morning. Honestly it's like a gaping hole sucked all thoughts and memory of this morning from my mind! Le day did not start until 12:00pm where I dragged my sisters but out of bed, and got ready myself (me getting ready = 10 minutes, my sis getting ready = 1hour + ) and was out of the house by 1pm to hunt down food! We walked for 2 hours all over my iddy biddy town. We went to dairy queen (for her not me), pita pit ( Which I absolutely love!) and then future shop where I got Jillian's michale fit in 30 days dvd. Me gusta. I'm not going to follow the meal plan or anything but I'm definitely going to try and complete this even if it takes me longer then 30 days ( my jogging is main priority, and as I get into higher millage this month I don't want to over exert myself.). So when I got back from my walk I jogged for 1 mile did the dvd  and now am chillaxin.

There if your still with me then I commend you. If there's anybody actually there in the first place...

Okay food journal time!


- 2 packets of weight control oatmeal
- 1 peanut butter fibre bar
- 1 yoptimal yoplait mango yogurt
- 1 over easy egg
- 1 slice of weight watchers multigrain bread


- ham pita from pita pit (tastes uber good with honey mustard!)
- 1 banana and pineapple n'fibre smoothie from pita pit

Dinner 1:

- 1 cup of veggie chili (got it from costco can't find a link)
- 1 tablespoon of salsa on said chili
- 2 slices of weight watchers multigrain bread topped with 1 slice laughing cow cheese, mustard, and an egg
-6 oz of sweet potato fries
- peanut butter fibre bar

Dinner 2 (after jog and Jillian):

- 1 apple crumble vita top  (I love these things so much)
- 1 container rice pudding
- frozen dinner herb grilled chicken and veggies (bad I know...)
- 1 bite of dark chocolate 

Calories eaten: 2097

Okay so a quick blurb which in future posts I'll get into more. I have an issue with eating large quantities of food. I'm talking 600-800 calories a day. No need to give me the rant - the message has been received. I started noticing negative effects on my body and thought to myself, I can't do this anymore.  I DON'T want to die. It took me over a year to accept that I'm never going to be able to maintain twig thin for all eternity without a quick demise being inevitable. So yes I have gained weight since starting to eat more. Yes there are days when I want to eat nothing and just drop and drop, but I'm just so tired of that constant struggle. I still have my quirks/odd eating habits, but I will fight tooth and nail not to get back to where I was.

 Question of the day: What's your favourite food to eat? Healthy - Not healthy - lay it on me!

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